The Twilly & Fig Journey

All in the family

Family owned & operated

For over a decade the Frazier family behind Twilly & Fig has serviced hundreds of luxury design clients. Each project is designed by Dee Frazier and her daughter Danielle. The mother daughter design duo run the infamous Dallas interior design studio like a well oiled Twilly and their color palettes are rich and deep and span nature, much like a Fig. 

CEO, Principal Designer, Founder Twilly & Fig

Dee Frazier, The Tough, But Sweet Fig

Once upon a time, Dee Frazier was a graphic designer and visual manager for Target stores. In 2010, the mum of it all, Dee started Dee Frazier Interiors in XXXXX. With a passion to help people easily relocate because after moving around the country as an executive for Target stores, Dee knew she could make a difference for others. Dee’s first clients were in City USA. After helping beautify and create an organized functional home, references poured in. Dee’s strong project management background and paying close attention to details when clients spoke paid off. Her keen eye for quality, exceptional taste and creative expertise  to deliver on time every time. In 2018, Dee began sharing her design inspiration and projects on the interior design blog D’KOR HOME.  Dad, Bob is a recently retired executive from Carmax. 

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Danielle Frazier, Best Dallas Designers, Interior Designers, Dallas Tx. Frisco Tx, Interior
CEO, Principal Designer, Founder Twilly & Fig

Danielle Frazier

In 2018, Dee’s daughter Danielle graduated law school and moved to St. Louis. Destined to be a force in family law, Dee’s health took the family down another path of growth, bonding, and further showing their resiliency. In 2019 Danielle bought and took over the Dallas Interior Design Firm for a couple of years while Dee regained her full strength after a serious spinal surgery. from her mother. When Danielle saw her mother as delicate and resiltency at the same time, she approached her with a new partnership and rebranding idea. Hence, Twilly & Fig was born with deep meaning and gratitude for life, functionality, and detailed design. 

Chief financial officer

Bob Frazier

In 2023, Bob retired as an exective from CarMax and joined the Twilly & Fig team as the full time chief financial officer. With a wealth of experience in marketing, sales and delivery, Bob ensures clients investments are immediately allocated to orders so projects

Fig Branch Upward

(ˈtwɪlɪ ) noun

Word forms: plural twillies.

 a machine with a series of revolving spikes for opening and cleaning raw textile fibres.


  1. a soft pear-shaped fruit with sweet dark flesh and many small seeds, eaten fresh or dried.
  2. the deciduous Old World tree or shrub that bears the fig.
  3. as in the detailed, boutique, soft but sweet design firm called: 
Our Story | Twilly &Amp; Fig

A detailed interior design firm with deep roots for gratitude.

A fig bears almost every color of the rainbow as some point in it’s growth. The skin is tough, yet contains a beautiful, delicate visual appearance with a sweet flavor and texture like no other. The fig tree is one of the most iconic trees in history and remains so throughout every culture.